What is linen blend fabric?

Linen blend combines natural linen with other fabric types like viscose, rayon, or cotton. This blend enhances the natural properties of linen, creating a versatile and adaptable fabric for different styles and uses. Because of its perfect balance of texture, breathability, and durability, linen blend fabric is ideal for everything from casual wear to elegant garments.

What are the benefits of linen blend fabric?

Linen is known as tough and durable, great for lasting wear. It becomes softer and less likely to wrinkle when mixed with fabrics like rayon or cotton. Take our Namaste Pants, for example. This blend of linen and rayon provides a comfy, easy-care fabric that drapes beautifully. These pants offer a relaxed fit and a stretchy waistband for ultimate comfort. You'll notice the quality and feel the difference when wearing them!


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Here, we share details about our fabrics and their benefits. We want you to know why we’ve chosen these materials and how they reflect our commitment to quality and sustainability.