What is Tencel™ fabric?

Tencel™ is a brand name producing soft and durable fabrics. These fibers come from wood like eucalyptus, beech, and other trees. Tencel™is eco-friendly, using less water, energy, and chemicals than cotton. It comes in two types: Lyocell and Modal, both of which are biodegradable. You'll find Tencel™ in products like bedding, shirts, and pants, similar to those made from cotton and linen.

What is Tencel™ fabric good for?

Tencel™ is wonderfully soft, and lightweight, and keeps you dry with its moisture-wicking features. It's durable and improves aesthetically with time. Plus, its smooth flow and texture feel luxurious. Ideal for rainy climates or sensitive skin, Tencel™ outperforms cotton in absorbing moisture. It's also breathable, stretchy, and resistant to wrinkles. Perfect for everyday comfort.


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Here, we share details about our fabrics and their benefits. We want you to know why we’ve chosen these materials and how they reflect our commitment to quality and sustainability.