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Experience the breezy, billowy silhouettes that will effortlessly elevate your summer wardrobe. Our pants are made from premium French linen, ensuring both style and comfort. The soft and breathable fabric will keep you cool and comfortable all day long.

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    Our linen trousers offer more than just comfort. Crafted from the finest flax plant fibers, they embody timeless elegance and natural luxury. We specifically craft them to flatter the modern woman's body shape. Natural and free-flowing, these women's pants are ideal for warm weather and casual occasions.

    From wide-leg to tapered and offer a relaxed fit. Choose your perfect hue from a palette of sophisticated colors like charcoal, blue, flax, white, brown, navy blue, and green. The soft comfort, versatility, and understated luxury of our pants make them an easy, go-to choice. Shape a look that is casual, beachy or relaxed yet elegant.



    Explore a spectrum of sophisticated color options. Our carefully curated palette includes charcoal, Tahiti blue, flax, white, cinnamon, ink blue, and forest green. Shop the perfect hue to match your mood – from versatile neutrals to earthy tones.

    Color palettes are thoughtfully curated to make coordinating your separate pieces effortless. Mix and match with ease to capture your own style and individuality.


    We offer a style to suit every Nomad woman – from relaxed and billowy silhouettes with tapered hems to wide-leg designs and high-waisted options. Embrace effortless warmth and elegance with our Labos Pants when the temperature drops. Opt for the Marrakech Pants, featuring a relaxed wide-leg fit and a free-spirited ⅞ length to keep you cool and carefree when the sun shines.


    We invite you to experience the luxurious and eco-conscious world of French linen. This exceptional fabric offers unparalleled comfort and breathability. Natural and lightweight, the sensation of 100% French linen keeps you feeling fresh. Best of all, it’s comfortable year-round. 

    Our Labos Pant is expertly tailored from heavier-weight French linen. The cozy fabric provides additional warmth without sacrificing style, ideal for the cooler seasons.


    Linen is the epitome of comfort, suitable for everything from sleepwear to formal wear. Breathability and sustainability are among its many attributes. But as our Nomad women know, not all is created equally. Brands that offer it at a lower price do not reflect the same exquisite quality as our premium French linen. Always shop for quality, not price, to ensure your linen clothing lasts you the test of time. 

    Although French linen is our go-to fabric, we also offer pants like the Delphi made of lightweight, breathable cotton. A perfect springtime staple, this beautifully tapered and cuffed design takes you from the beachfront to the cocktail bar. Our pants offer the ultimate comfort and ease – perfect for natural dressing.

    Another beautiful fabric option is the linen-rayon blend used in our signature wide-leg Namaste Pants. Rayon has a lovely, soft, luxurious feel, making it popular in sleepwear, evening dresses and lingerie. By marrying the silky texture of rayon and the durability of linen, our Namaste pants offer the perfect combination of laid-back comfort and timeless style.  


    Choose from full-length, ¾, or ⅞ options to suit the climate and your occasion. Among our most beloved options are the ankle-height Sadhu pants — a chic style that transcends all seasons. The Marrakech Pants offer a relaxed and breezy ⅞ length for summer. For a versatile option, choose the full-length Goa pants for year-round wear. If you prefer a casual, shorter length, shop our LINEN SHORTS.

    Available from XXS to XL and even XXL to suit all shapes and sizes.


    Our pants easily shift from casual to elegant to suit every occasion, whether for a relaxed weekend or an evening event. They even make suitable workwear and styling possibilities are endless. Couple your pants with casual tops for a relaxed look. If you wish to elevate your outfit, try a longer-sleeve cotton blouse for added sophistication.


    Once you slip into our pants, you’ll never look back. The top-rated reviews on our website are a testament to the quality. Shop our captivating Australian designed pants to unearth the perfect pair that resonates with your style. Free shipping available too!

    At Nomad The Label, we proudly offer a broad spectrum of pant fabric shades from light to dark. Browse our beautiful hues like charcoal, Tahiti blue, flax, white, cinnamon, ink blue, and forest green.

    Enjoy our fast and reliable shipping options. Of course, if you're not completely satisfied, we offer a hassle-free return process for peace of mind on all orders. Make sure to purchase and add these timeless, versatile pants to your seasonal wardrobe. 


    At Nomad the Label, we don't frequently offer a sale or a reduced price on our pants or LINEN CLOTHING. Our stock and new arrivals tend to fly off the shelves year-round at the regular price. We tend to sell out well before sale time so if you're looking for gifts or just for you, be quick, skip the wishlist, add to cart and buy today!

    Your best option is to shop for your favorite product directly. Grab it while it’s still in stock. Be sure to secure the best quality, timeless pants Australia has to offer. 


    Browse our accessories page to find the perfect pieces to elevate your looks. Shop for bags, throws, scarves, and scrunchies – each thoughtfully designed to complement and elevate our clothing. Crafted from luxurious materials, each accessory piece matches the quality of our garments. 

    Accessories add the perfect finishing touch to your pants, tops, trousers, dresses and more.


    Wear your charcoal Marrakech Pants with a flowing blouse and comfortable sandals for a breezy summer outfit. Keep it casual or upscale the look with accessories. Add a wide-brimmed hat and statement earrings for an additional touch of glamour.

    Create an effortlessly chic winter outfit by matching the Labos French Pants in flax with a cozy knit sweater during the colder months instead of skirts. Ankle boots will complete the style. Then, layer on a snug scarf for extra warmth.

    Wear the charcoal Sadhu Pants with a well-fitted top and designer sneakers if you like a modern aesthetic — accessorize with a stylish belt. And you can always throw on a crossbody bag for a polished finish.

    A versatile wardrobe essential, a summertime must-have, or a cozy winter option.


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    We love nothing more than showing you how to wear your linen, from selecting suitable tops and footwear to choosing a set or elevating your look with accessories. Master the art of dressing beautifully for any occasion. Embrace a relaxed daytime vibe or a chic evening ensemble with our versatile pants. 

    Let’s answer your styling questions, such as:

    • The ideal tops to complement wide-leg linen pants
    • Harmonious colour combinations 
    • The best shoe choices to compliment your pants 

    What Tops to Wear with Linen Pants?

    For an effortless, everyday look, combine your linen pants with a comfy basic tee or a breezy lightweight blouse. Exude a relaxed, laid-back vibe that is ideal for every casual occasion.

    Fitted tops or timeless button-down shirts will step up your outfits for a more formal event. Adding a structural layer dresses up the look — transitioning you from casual to sophisticated.

    What Top to Wear with Wide Leg Linen Pants?

    Consider a more fitted top with your wide-leg pants to create harmony. Wide-leg pants offer both comfort and style – but balancing the voluminous silhouette is key. The right top is essential. Blouses or form-fitting cami tops work best. Choosing a well-matched top creates a flattering contrast and accentuates the flowing nature of your pants.

    And the best thing? With our pants, forget the belt for later – they all feature elasticated waistbands for ultimate ease. This comfort feature is especially popular amongst women who've experienced having children or a changing waistline. You don't need to fit into an XS to look and feel fabulous in these beautiful pieces. Trust us!

    What Top to Wear with White Linen Pants?

    White linen pants are incredibly versatile and can be styled in many ways depending on the occasion. A flattering top to wear with white linen pants includes a relaxed beige or khaki linen shirt. We love this calm, coastal look. Choose a striped or chambray shirt to transform the outfit into a nautical ensemble — a classic combination. Alternatively, consider a flowy blouse or a delicate lace for effortless elegance.

    The secret lies in striking a balance. A subtle contrast between the pants and top maintains the overall sophisticated aesthetic.

    What Top to Wear with Black Linen Pants?

    Black linen pants look stunning with white or charcoal tops. The key is to create contrast while maintaining an overall balance, just as you would your white pants.

    What Shoes to Wear with Linen Pants?

    Our pants can be worn with a wide range of shoe styles. Complement your pants with flat sandals or comfortable sneakers. Embrace this laid-back and versatile aesthetic for any casual occasion.

    What Shoes to Wear with 7/8 Pants?

    7/8 length pants look best when paired with the right shoes – like ankle boots, chic mules, or classic loafers. Shoes that gracefully expose the ankles will create balance, highlighting the distinctive cropped length of the pants. Plus, they shape an elegant silhouette.

    3 tips to style linen pants are:

    1. Elevate Your Pants with a Chic Top: Transform your pants into an elegant outfit by complementing them with a well-chosen top. Shirts or blouses add an element of refinement. Cami tops with subtle detailing will bring an understated yet elegant touch.

    2. Mind the Proportions: Avoid excessively baggy or loose tops when wearing loose pants. Consider slightly relaxed tops and shirts. Always aim to strike a coherent balance that maintains a flattering silhouette. 

    3. Complement Pants with the Right Shoes: Flowing pants need the right footwear. We recommend choosing shoes that match the style and suit the occasion. Lean towards casual with sandals, embrace comfort with sneakers, or add a hint of sophistication with mules.