Meet 'Freyja': The Sustainable Collection by Nomad the Label & LENZING™

As part of our commitment to building a circular economy, we’re thrilled to announce our official partnership with LENZING™. This collaboration is a significant step towards reducing our environmental impact and promoting sustainable fashion.

Together, our shared vision is to reduce our impact on the planet through consciously created luxury fabrics derived from certified renewable and sustainable wood sources.

The LENZING™ process keeps raw materials in a closed loop, making today’s waste the raw materials of tomorrow. Rather than culminating in landfills, materials are instead recovered, reborn through low-emission chemical conversion, and returned to the production process as high-quality raw materials that are soft, breathable, and durable.

We’re committed to this sustainable production ethos and design purposefully and responsibly, with longevity at the forefront of the Nomad vision.

Our latest collection, "Freyja," is a testament to sustainable luxury. Each piece is meticulously crafted using LENZING™ Ecovero™ viscose fibers, sourced from responsibly managed forests. This material not only boasts natural and renewable properties but also offers a silky, luxurious feel that sets our 'Freyja' collection apart.

Inspired by Freyja, the mythological goddess of love, beauty, fertility, war, and wealth, this range features sensuous, free-flowing silhouettes that shimmer with a subtle lustre, designed to make you feel as divine as the goddess it's named after.

We invite you to explore the "Freyja" collection and experience the perfect blend of sensuality and sustainability. Shop our collection today and embrace the luxury of eco-conscious fashion!